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SMS Gateway

Now you can automate texting by sending and receiving SMS via our SMS APIs.

We offer varied services like Bulk / Marketing SMS & Transactional SMS. The gateway is perfectly tuned and offers the services in different cost slabs. We provide a cost-effective solution for bulk SMS.
All you need to do is prepare your customer database with valid mobile numbers, connect to the internet, trigger sending, check the SMS acknowledgment or SMS Report and disconnect. We provide control panel, wherein you can monitor the status like available SMS Credits, Validitiy, critical information etc.

Let All Know You

Email Marketing

Get more opens, clicks, and sales for your business through our email marketing service.

We have powerful email marketing software with professional email templates, easy design tools and unmatched deliverability. Send the right type of email, at just the right time to get apt response from your customers. You can have the track of your email performance and continuously improve with split testing service. You can put subscriber data to work in personalized messages.

  • > Newsletters & Automated blog digests
  • > Automated emails & Autoresponders
  • > Perfectly-timed & Segment-specific sends